Why Office Hours with Nurse Pam?

Change is hard. There is a lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt when looking at adding virtual care to support bedside teams. Questions include:

"Is this big brother?"

"Are you going to be watching over me to tell me what I am doing wrong?"

"Whose patient is it?"

"How is virtual care support actually going to help me today?"

Remote Doctor

Simply put, virtual care support isn’t designed to tell people what they’re doing wrong, nor is it something that adds dreaded work to clinical nursing staff’s plates. The patients are yours, as they always have been, and virtual care actually helps save bedside staff time while adding a layer of care and protection to help get ahead of patient deterioration and risk.

Virtual care is designed to help offload tasks that waste time and take bedside staff away from patients. To provide real support to clinicians as they treat their patients. More than anything, virtual care is creating the opportunity for bedside staff to get back to doing what they love… delivering 1:1 patient care with the security of knowing that someone else is keeping a watchful eye over other patients and together helping to improve quality of care.

About Office Hours with Nurse Pam

The goal of this regular webinar series is to create a community for collaboration. To learn from each other where we start by sharing expertise and ideas on possible workflows and then create an opportunity to ideate and ask questions in real-time.. To look at current, documented best practices and/or standards and then see where there are possibilities that either automation or virtual care support could help. To work together to help create a new normal and a new standard of care in a world where we need to find another way.

Sample workflows that will be covered in upcoming sessions include:

ICU holds and transfers

Documentation support such as vitals, ECG strips and event notes

2nd person blood administration

Drip titrations that require a 2nd person

Medication education

Patient/Family education with POC updates

Event notes

Expediting providers orders

Preventing unplanned self-extubations

About Pamela Miles, RN, BSHA

"AKA Nurse Pam"

Nurse Pamela Miles

Pam is an experienced nurse leader with 32 years of nursing experience including ED, trauma, critical care, aerospace, organ procurement, hospital administration, teaching and eICU.

Accomplished and experienced with a long and proven track record of success in the delivery of critical care, clinical decision support, medical device sales/support and leadership, Pam now runs the clinical solutions team at MIC. She and her team work side by side with nursing leaders at hospital sites to help develop new and novel workflows to support the ever-changing healthcare landscape that is now drowning in staffing shortages and the largest percentage of new grads or travelers than healthcare has ever seen – not to mention hospital closures and budget cuts that only further complicate an already uphill battle.

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